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Welcome to the Jyothi Public School Web site, which we hope will provide you with a glimpse into life here in the place we affectionately refer to as Millville. We invite you to take some time to explore the site and all it has to offer, and enjoy an opportunity to learn more about the unique culture, community, student life, beauty, history, and traditions of Jyothi Public school.
This Web site is a place for you to meet our exceptional students and dedicated faculty, and view from afar what Jyothi Public School has to offer in the way of excellence both inside and outside the classroom, including the forging of strong community bonds.

The site allows in-depth views of our 600 students in action in their various roles, including athletics and the arts; gives a peek at what happens inside our vibrant classrooms; offers extensive admissions information, including the ability to apply online; and provides insight into what it’s like to live, work, and learn at Jyothi Public School.

It is our hope that, for those interested in learning more about Jyothi or in remaining in touch with what happens here, the Web site will provide a virtual portal into life at the School. We hope that you will be inspired to visit us in person, and witness for yourself the people, the resources, and the enriching environment that help our students to learn and grow during their time here.

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