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The talented and dedicated faculty members of our school help to create a dynamic educational environment both for the adolescent and the adult learner. The men and women who inspire our young students hail from diverse backgrounds and bring with them a variety of world perspectives, educational excellence, and rich life experiences. Our faculty members live among the students in our fully residential community, making it easy for them to forge lifelong bonds with the students here. Teaching goes beyond the classroom, as faculty members serve as advisers, coaches, mentors, and friends.

We invite you to get to know our faculty by reading the faculty profiles in the Faculty Directory, and by reading the Faculty Spotlights featured on this Web site. If you grow interested in learning more about the opportunity to teach and live in this vibrant academic community, please contact us.

  1. Sr. Shaini Thomas Paruvanani (Principal)
  2. Sr. Shiney Joseph (Vice Principal)
  3. Mr. Justin Mathew
  4. Ms. Sali Mathew
  5. Ms. Joyice Augustine
  6. Ms. Shiny Joseph
  7. Ms. Anupama Joseph
  8. Ms. Leena Mathew
  9. Ms. Sinu T. Thomas
  10. Ms. K.R. Anithakumary
  11. Sr. Sijy Joseph
  12. Ms. Renjini Raju
  13. Ms. Ambili Joseph
  14. Mr. Mebin Manuel
  15. Ms. Jinu Mathew
  16. Sr. Anu Thomas
  17. Ms. Anju P
  18. Ms. Remya Abraham
  19. Sr. Sajitha Mary
  20. Mr. Jijo Mathew
  21. Ms. Mariamma Joy
  22. Ms. Annet Joseph
  23. Ms. Josmy Joseph
  24. Ms. Princy Alex
  25. Ms.Yadukrishna B S 
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