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Residential Life


Students who come to a boarding school with apprehension soon learn that making friends doesn’t take very long at Jyothi Public School. We have support systems in place to help with the transition. Caring adults who live in houses attached to student residences and trained student leaders are just two of the many components of this support system.

These faculty adviser and student prefect systems allow new students built-in structures to help in the transition to boarding school. There is always someone there to help with any problem or issue that may arise.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are, to a large extent, everyone’s concern at Jyothi Public School. The School provides 24-hour security coverage, and officers can be reached from any School or outside phone by dialing (048222).

In addition, Clark House (the SPS Health Center) is open 24 hours a day and receives visitors whenever necessary. Jyothi Public School’s adviser and Prefect programs give students the added knowledge that there is always someone they can go to with a problem. With rules such as check-in times and signing in and out of houses, we cannot take the place of a loving parent, but we are ever aware of each student’s safety.

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